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Statwatch April


Lots of interesting stats that caught our eye this month. Here’s a selection of the best:

1) UK web advertising spend to hit £5bn in 2012

2) 13% of Europeans have scanned a QR-enabled outdoor ad

and yet…

Only 23% of display adverts with URLs or QR codes on London transport work on mobile

3) Tumblr hits 20 billion posts, nears 50 billion hosted blogs


Half of the top 100 blogs now use WordPress

4) Smartphone sales to hit 1bn in 2014 


42% of mobile users share multimedia via Facebook


27% of emails are opened on mobile devices


Shopping via mobile grew 300% last year

while, interestingly…

Brits are 2x as likely as Americans to buy on mobile

and, incredibly…

UK consumers spend 25% of disposable income online

5) 21% of Pinterest users on have purchased an item that they found on the site

6) Facebook Timeline provides 46% lift in brand page engagement

7) 37% of your prospective employers are looking you up on Facebook


61% of parents log onto kids’ Facebook accounts

8) Just 23% of web users would say yes to cookies

9) Foursquare hits 20m users and 20bn checkins, seeing 1m new signups per month


Facebook hits 900m active users, moving rapidly towards 1bn


Apple sold 35.1m iPhones, 11.8m iPads in Q2

10) 1/3 of Brits now own an ebook reader

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