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5 Social Media Trends for 2012


1) Cross-media integration

TV and radio ads driving consumers online, QR codes on print ads and outdoor posters. The integration of traditional advertising and social media will continue to evolve in 2012, with advertisers looking to bring consumers into their social media conversation through offline channels.

2) Social TV

Your TV is probably already hooked up to the internet, but until that potential is fully unlocked expect showmakers to focus on the vast numbers of ‘two screen’ viewers who enjoy their favourite shows with a tablet, laptop or smartphone at hand. Already developing apace in the US, we’re anticipating the widespread emergence of in-show polling and show-specific hashtagging this year.

3) Consolidation

Facebook might be king, but there are plenty of competing and complimentary social networks out there. With so many platforms on offer companies need to be selective when choosing which are appropriate for their brand. Fewer and better will be the watchwords this year.

4) Multimedia

You’ve no doubt been hearing lots about Instagram, Viddy, Tout, Pinterest and co lately. Photo and video are nothing new, but this new wave of sites and apps make sharing multimedia content childsplay.

5) B2B brands embrace social media

So far it’s B2C companies that have led the way in embracing the marketing potential of social media. In 2012 we expect to see more and more B2B companies taking advantage of the branding opportunities social media offers and connecting more meaningfully with stakeholders and customers online.


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