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December 13, 2013
by admin

Twitter Ads


Here at Get5ocial we have been trying out the new Twitter Ads service that has been in the news recently after the whole Twitter IPO back in November.  We like the simple layout and its very easy to quickly add a new twitter campaign using the wizard. Its very much like Google adwords when it comes to setting a daily budget and total budget for the campaign. You also need to set your max bid for CPF (or cost per follow) which again is very similar to Google adwords CPC (cost per click). You can create promoted tweets and even schedule them too. A nice feature is the ability to send tweets to your standard followers or just to your targeted campaigns.


Sending to standard followers or promoted campaigns

So far we are impressed with all that’s on offer for small and large advertisers and it is a good start with things getting improved in the future. If you need any advice or would like us to setup and manage Twitter Ad campaigns for you just let us know via our Contact form.


May 28, 2012
by admin

Statwatch May

It’s been another busy month on the stat front. Here’s a selection that caught our eye:

1) 69% of tablet owners watch TV and surf the web simultaneously

and yet

53% of UK TV-buyers can’t identify Internet capabilities


Only 7% of British adults have used a connected TV to go online

but nevertheless

Connected TV set shipments hit 25% last year and are set to grow to 70% by 2016

2) Facebook hit 488m mobile users


Twitter hits 10m UK users (80% use mobile)


22% of LinkedIn visitors are mobile


73% of smartphone owners use a social networking app on a daily basis

3) The UK parliament is to provide 650 iPads to MPs

4) Slow-loading websites cost retailers £1.73bn in lost sales each year

5) Viddy hits 26m users, consistently registering over 500K a day

6) Xbox 360 is more popular for video viewing than the iPad

7) UK broadband speeds are 42% slower than advertised

8) 18m UK consumers have used social media for customer service


70% of customer complaints on social media ignored

9) Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the Web’s most used browser

10) Only 24% of online consumers are aware of EU cookie law

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May 21, 2012
by admin

The future’s bright, the future’s mobile

We included some pretty impressive mobile stats in our April Statwatch. Who’d have thought that 42% of mobile users share multimedia via Facebook or 27% of emails are opened on mobile devices. How about the fact that shopping via mobile grew 300% last year?

Last week we came across even more proof – if it was needed – that consumers are using mobile more and more for social networking, search and email.

First up this great infographic from socialbakers which shows that Facebook has reached a staggering 488m mobile users.

Then the nice folks at Econsultancy brought to our attention a host of stats from Google’s ‘Our Mobile Planet’ site which reveal that almost two-thirds of UK smartphone owners (59%) access the mobile internet every day. With smartphone penetration now at 51%, this equates to more than a third of the total UK population using the mobile web on a daily basis. Remarkable.

Last but not least, this study from digital agency Steel shows that more than a third of consumers (36%) read marketing emails on mobile. This figure rises to 55% among 18-34 year olds, highlighting the fact that brands need to optimise their email marketing for mobile devices.

So, optimise emails and optimise websites. Indeed, if your brand’s online presence isn’t fully optimised for mobile you might soon find consumers giving you the mobile cold shoulder.


May 14, 2012
by admin

Why your brand needs to play the social game

Two recent reports that caught our eye highlight the increasing importance of social media for brands and businesses.

The first, from brandsavant, is a US-based study that illustrates just how pervasive Twitter is becoming. There are two key stats in the report. The first is that 10% of Americans 12+ are using Twitter. More interesting still is the proportion of respondents that report heraing or reading about tweets outside of Twitter. In answer to the question ‘How often do you hear about Twitter feeds, commonly called tweets, through media such as TV, radio, newspapers, or websites other than Twitter?’ an incredible 44% claim to do so ‘almost every day.’ 16% say ‘regularly, but not daily,’ and 13% say ‘sometimes.’

Does this matter to how you’re using Twitter for your brand or business? Possibly. As the report points out: “Regardless of how you use Twitter, most Americans (as in an actual majority of Americans) view Twitter as a purely broadcast network.”

We don’t have equivalent figures for the UK, but assuming (and we think it’s a fair assumption) that they don’t differ significantly these findings suggest that Twitter has a role to play in communicating ‘big’ brand messages – both online and offline – as well as being a great tool for engaging with customers personally.

The second report, from American Express, highlights again the strong link between social media and customer service. The report makes for interesting reading (it’s another US-centric study, but is nonetheless salient) , but here are some of the key findings:

  • Consumers who have used social media for service say they’d spend 21% more with companies who deliver great service – compared to 13% on average.
  • One out of two respondents (55%) walked away from an intended purchase in the past year because of a poor customer service experience.
  • One in five consumers (17%) say they’ve used social media at least once in the last year to obtain a customer service response.
  • People who have used social media for customer service at least once in the last year are willing to spend substantially more (21%) with companies they believe provide great service.

April 30, 2012
by admin

Statwatch April

Lots of interesting stats that caught our eye this month. Here’s a selection of the best:

1) UK web advertising spend to hit £5bn in 2012

2) 13% of Europeans have scanned a QR-enabled outdoor ad

and yet…

Only 23% of display adverts with URLs or QR codes on London transport work on mobile

3) Tumblr hits 20 billion posts, nears 50 billion hosted blogs


Half of the top 100 blogs now use WordPress

4) Smartphone sales to hit 1bn in 2014 


42% of mobile users share multimedia via Facebook


27% of emails are opened on mobile devices


Shopping via mobile grew 300% last year

while, interestingly…

Brits are 2x as likely as Americans to buy on mobile

and, incredibly…

UK consumers spend 25% of disposable income online

5) 21% of Pinterest users on have purchased an item that they found on the site

6) Facebook Timeline provides 46% lift in brand page engagement

7) 37% of your prospective employers are looking you up on Facebook


61% of parents log onto kids’ Facebook accounts

8) Just 23% of web users would say yes to cookies

9) Foursquare hits 20m users and 20bn checkins, seeing 1m new signups per month


Facebook hits 900m active users, moving rapidly towards 1bn


Apple sold 35.1m iPhones, 11.8m iPads in Q2

10) 1/3 of Brits now own an ebook reader

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